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Whitening products may cause tooth decay

While utilizing teeth-brightening items can make your grin more splendid, they may likewise prompt tooth harm, analysts have cautioned. The examination, driven by analysts from the Stockton University in the US, found that hydrogen

Vitamin D excess may lead to kidney failure

In an uncommon case, a 54-year-elderly person, in the wake of coming back from an excursion to Southeast Asia where he spent quite a bit of his vacation sunbathing, was determined to have kidney harm after he took high dosages of nutrient

IoT in healthcare at serious cyber attack risk

While the medicinal services industry is quickly embracing new-age advances, for example, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve access and results particularly in the provincial territories, organizations

Hormone that protects women from liver cancer

Specialists have found that a hormone - present at larger amounts in ladies - can repel them from liver malignancy, proposing the illness is progressively basic in men. The examination demonstrated that a potential supporter of this