Downing Street cat gets a helping hand – BBC News

Few will be enjoying the rain in London today, let alone Downing Street’s chief mouser Larry the Cat.

He was stuck outside on the steps of No 10 earlier, hoping someone would let him inside to dry off his fur.

Thankfully, a police officer came to his aid…

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  1. James Walsh says

    VIC .Very important cat.

  2. Kate Mystery says

    I just found out it isn't first time police officer let Larry in like that. There is video from 2015. That cat has the police force trained.

  3. David Gray says

    Minister of furry affairs

  4. Alfie Barrett says

    Hopefully kills all the rats in number 10

  5. frank zappa's pussy says

    finally the coup has happened:
    Theresa May has been replaced by a cat – who will inevitably do a much better job than any previous Prime Minister..

  6. BigV says

    With Brexit negotiations in tatters, Larry the cat is the only hope that remains for 10 Drowning street.

  7. Ravinder2220 says

    I thought the police man was gonna pet him.

  8. Batten Hughes says

    there must be somebody whose job it is to sit behind the front door at all times and open it to visitors including the cat,  and they get paid £40,000 per year and will have a nice indexed linked pension when they retire form doing this important job.

  9. Wina Rhay says


  10. Rick VH says

    looks like he gets his fill of mice

  11. keikan0407 says

    This news made my day!

  12. Jim Miklas says

    Do a more important story like how mass third world immigration has turned Britain into a sh*thole.

  13. Zero_BS_Tolerance says

    "You there!! Do you not see me? Knock on this door!"

  14. rokmole says

    brain washed morons

  15. rokmole says

    more bullshit fake news judging by the comments made by mad cat women

  16. Ni. S. says

    He would like to pee to Theresa May's shoes

  17. Marv antony says


  18. chi chi says

    how many fake tranny black ops nazi pretend jew profiles on here … ha ha a joke

  19. Lyudmila Aksan says

    So sweet of him:)

  20. Akshath Manikandan says

    And then you have pathetic Mehdi Hasan of Al Jazeera, calling the UK, “inhumane”…

  21. Zoe Smith says

    Most loved member of the government team by the British people. We love Larry the Downing street cat. But, I can't say anything for any other person in the government.

  22. john bolton says

    "CAN WE add a paw bell on the floor please"

  23. Joel Sattler says

    Larry's a civil service cat. He'll still be there when every one else has gone or been replaced.

    Job security.


  24. Douglas Clan says

    I'd feel safer if the cat handled the EU withdrawal. Any one known if its avaliable?

  25. Phil Merrall says

    Also see Phil Merrall – What do you see at Christmas

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