Morning Breaking: Navjot Singh Sidhu attacks PM Modi in Rajasthan

This segment of Zee News brings to you latest updates. In yet another attack on the Modi government, Punjab Minister and Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on Saturday alleged corruption in the Rafale deal saying that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government spiked up the prices of the fighter jets for personal gains. Watch this video to know more.

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  1. rehan kichen fight says

    Wah maja agaya

  2. AnwaR HussaiN says

    Sahi kaha sidhu ne

  3. raviraj raj says

    good comedy

  4. King MM says

    He’s no good

  5. vipul raj says

    shidu ki maa ki choot

  6. Dinesh Lilka says


  7. Sandhu11 Ji says

    Bhen ki lodi. Bikau channel

  8. Vicky Gurpreet says

    Tere behan di fudi sale g news

  9. Mahesh Machhan says

    भाई कोई बेफकूफ नहीं है सब मे अपनी अपनी समझ है अब बात रही सिधु की ये वो कुत्ता है जिस ने हड्डी डाली वो उसी का हो गया

    जब बीजेपी मे था तो मनमोहन सिंह जी साइलेंट सरदार और अब असरदार सरदार उस समय मोदी बराबर कोई नहीं आज वो चोर है

    ये वो आदमी है जो अपना फायदा देख कर कुछ भी कर सकते है

    पहले बीजेपी फिर आम आदमी पार्टी अब कांग्रेस
    जोआदमी इस तरीके का हो उस के बारे मे क्या बोलना शयद आप को पत्ता नहीं राहुल का नाम पप्पू sidhu ने ही रखा था

  10. Santi Ranjan Nandi says

    Sidhu ap to thokne ki layak ee nehi ho …. Jo bharat ma ke nehi ho saka… Bharat ke desh hit me kya baat karega …

    App to jaha se thokar khate ho usiko thok te ho…

  11. Ansar Ahmad says

    public ko bawkoof samajh rakha h is main kya controversial h kya sach bolna controversial hota h same on zeenews

  12. Ansar Ahmad says

    zee news walo apna naam ab bjp walon rakhlo

  13. Kunal Chauhan says

    Sonia ka kopoot

  14. Shinchan Nohara says

    Badzubaan? A news channel anchor says this kind of language. ? 😲😰😲😰😲😰😲

  15. Tera Tera says

    Navjot Sidhu PM : “The People’s Sardar” 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽.

  16. Harjit Singh says

    All these people who are criticizing Sidhu by twisting his comments about Amrinder in a wrong way, are jealous of his growing popularity and these selfish people neither want Kartarpur corridor nor do they want peace between India and Pakistan.

  17. Saksham Hooda says

    Jab BJP waale congress ke logon ko aur dusri party ke logon ko aise bole to dhamakedar tevar agar koi congress se yun bol de to badzubaan neta, why this hypocrisy by ZEE MEDIA.

    Oh yeah, these people brought GPS in 2000rs notes too.

  18. Yatin Bhandari says

    Tit for tat

  19. Yatin Bhandari says

    Tit for tat

  20. Ritik Chauhan says

    Sidhu ko dub me mar Jana chahiya

  21. PACK MAN says


  22. PACK MAN says


  23. Muhammad Furqan Alam says

    Sidhu you r true person

  24. safi khan says

    Congress ka neta koi de
    Vivadit or bhajpa ka neta
    Bayan de Desh bhakt
    Jese yogi or modi

  25. ANTI- IGNORANCE says

    Another PUPPET of The Italian Sonia like Manmohan Singh, Shameful are these Sikhs, who Happen to have Great Warriors as their ancestors but are low lives themselves, they don't deserve the turban.

    I have Sikh Friends who Always Feed off and Brag how Great their Ancestors were, i always agree because yes that's true but then i ask, what great have you done???? Cab driving/ rap song and Alcohol and now supporting foreigner run party who is here to loot india as Italy is in 140% debt

  26. Upen Mangela says

    Goli mardo shidhuko.nahito me mardunga is Pakistani shidhu ko🔫.paise ke liye ye ma ko bech sakta he.

  27. aaftab husain says

    Zee news bikau media channel he.bjp wale badjubani karte he jab nhi dekhte ho

  28. Vishwas Patil says

    Vivadit bayan kaha hai. Ye to sach bat kari hai sidhu ke andaj me

  29. Hariom Rana says

    Very soon Congress will realize that Sidhu itself is the biggest problem for the party.
    He was a 3rd grade player and 4th grade politician + comedian

  30. Swiss express says

    Sidhu is doggy or kafir pig

  31. Somu909 says

    isko comedy show me hi rakho bahar k liye rahul kafi h..
    for me Modi se prem matlab Desh se prem

  32. Tiger D says

    is bhaand ki taali thokni pagedee ab

  33. Gautam Bisht says

    You Basterd

  34. naresh tripathy says

    500 crore ka plane without weapon, sare congress gadar he

  35. Nierupaul Boro says

    Sidhu for PM

  36. GOPAL RATHOR says

    गुटका खाने वालों से अनुरोध है
    कि आप जमीन पर ना थूंके
    आप सिद्धू के मुंह पे थूक के देशभक्ति का प्रदर्शन कर सकते हैं

  37. vimlesh kumar says

    Congress party and supoter never can't change bloody terrorists sale

  38. Sukanta Pradhan says


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