​​​​​Ensure enough sleep for your teenager and make them safe, smart


Increasing academic pressure has increased the time students spend at school or engaged in academic work at home. Technology has entered their life like never before and hence our next generation is losing out on its bedtime. In order to make sure that they get best sleep, some factors need to be kept in mind, experts share tips for parents.

Physical exertion and exercise

Whether it is an invigorating game of football, a round of gully cricket, or just cycling around the neighbourhood, physical exertion during the day primes the body to get a good night’s sleep. Parents should encourage their children to go outside and play or take a run around a local park for their health, fitness, and bedtime.

As long as the exercise doesn’t happen in the 2 hours preceding their bedtime, teenagers will find it easier to wind down and fall asleep peacefully and wake up rested, alert and happy the next morning.

A bedtime for devices to get best sleep

It isn’t just teenagers – 25 percent of adults are also spending precious time watching shows on TVs and smartphones that should have ideally been expended in sleeping and becoming prepared for the next day. Jokes about the age-old argument between parents and children about bedtime and late-night TV watching apart, all devices in the household should be retired at least an hour before the children’s bedtime. This includes smartphones, laptop computers and televisions.


The science on the subject is absolutely clear – the best sleep is enjoyed in darkness, as the lack of light triggers the body and sends it a critical signal that it is now time to sleep. Light exposure at the time of sleep through the harsh blue glare of a lit-up smartphone stimulates alertness among kids.


Even the most exhausted child will find it hard to sleep even in the darkest room if their bed is uncomfortable. Parents and children should ensure that their bed is clean and that the mattress is comfortable and provides the kind of back and body support that helps the children rest.


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