10 Golden rules of meditation exercises that will make your day


In today’s life, it is very hard to meditate for 15 minutes or more time due to a very tight busy schedule. Usually people start meditation exercises and after some time, they stop it. Some individuals, who have burning desire, succeed to continue. The main problem is that meditation is not as easy as we assume.

Doing any meditation exercises perfectly is one of the most difficult jobs in the universe. It is because during the process, we learn to control our mind, which is like a monkey who cannot sit at a place for a long time. Your mind makes each and every effort to disobey your command until it does not find something valuable achievement. But there are certain principles of the ancient techniques that can help you to control your mind. If you know them, it will be more enjoyable and comfortable. Let’s have a look;

Meditate as a non-formal practice

Meditation is a thing that should be done while you are relaxed, so avoid it when you are stressed. Do meditate whenever you are free, relaxed and mentally prepared to do. It is not compulsory to meditate on a particular time, date or place.

Practice the easiest meditation exercises

Follow your heart, not to tough steps of meditation exercises. Remember, meditation is a stage of relaxation of body and mind. So when you are relaxing, it is most suitable time to meditate. Just close your eyes, focus your attention to your breath. It is so simple that you can do it anywhere, anytime in any posture (yoga poses).


First step of meditation exercises is to relax your body as well as your mind. Relax is the key to get a perfect meditation mood. So first try to be relaxed, relieve your mental and physical stress. Once you enter in relaxed mind, you will be in meditative stage automatically. Meditation means, relax with awareness.

Choose your comfortable style

It is not must to meditate in a particular asana or pose. If you can’t meditate in particular situations, make your own comfortable situation but remember, the you should be aware about yourself that time. Meditation is awareness in relaxation. Choose your favorite pose, and enjoy the meditation.

Feel Yourself

Be alert and try to feel every part of your body, if you have some free time. This will make aware you about yourself and you will feel oneness with the nature. After some days you will see the miracle of this technique. You will feel very pleasing and comfortable in every situation.

Enjoy music

Music is a powerful instrument for mind. Through music we can relieve our stress, our tension. Music is the best way to forget everything and to enjoy good mood. If you like music, Run the CD and follow the beats. This is also guides you to meditative stage.

5-10 minutes in a day is enough

No need to sit for 15 to 30 minutes daily. Just do meditation only for 5 to 10 minutes daily and enjoy, what do you like. It will make you feel better.

Meditate with your partner

If you feel some problem in meditate, take help of someone near and dear. With the help of an partner, we can perform better. Do meditate with your best friend or life partner.

Make a good mood

Perfumes, candles, flowers scent, clothes and atmosphere play important role to make a good mood. Use scented candles, flowers and other soothing articles. It will also guide to you meditate easily.

No time limits

Meditation exercises are not a time-bounded thing. Whenever you are free, it’s time to meditate. It is not compulsory to make time-table or do practice for at least 30 min. You can start with 5 minutes or you can do for long time. Both work perfectly. Just keep away the strictness of meditation principles and keep meditating as a routine work to enjoy your life.


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