10 Scientific Medical Benefits of Meditation Exercises that will change your life forever


Do you know that many yoga and meditation teachers do not know medical benefits of meditation exercises. They use meditation to relieve stress, to cure depression, and to awaken hidden kundalini (serpent) power. But these are byproducts of meditation, not the real effects of exercises. Scientists have been doing research on the subject for decades. Now they know, how to use it. Presently benefits of meditation exercises and techniques are classified them in three categories; (1) Physiological or physical, (2) Psychological, (3) Spiritual.

Scientific benefits of meditation

It relaxes brain resulting into improved-efficient functioning system of brain. The process offer us a calm mind, increased tolerance power, increased concentration and focus power, good memory, normalization of blood pressure etc. Besides this, we also get helped by meditating in weight lose, less sleep, better immunity system, stopping the ageing, better heart functioning, which stops heart attack problems, etc.

Medical benefits of meditation Exercises

How meditation affects our body, is known as physiological or physical advantage of the mindfulness process. In physiological advantages, we get improved functioning of body organ, slow and deep breath, minimum oxygen consumption, body relaxation etc. Generally we can write these advantages as follow:

  1. It increase blood flow and gives required oxygen to every organ of the body.
  2. Meditation exercises improves respiratory system, therefore we get free from asthma, breathing and other problems related to respiratory system.
  3. It increase immunity power by activate our immunity system. It also reduces free radicals, tissue damage, and cholesterol level and by this we can be free from allergy, virus and other.
  4. Mindfulness meditation relaxes our nervous system and improve our brain functioning, By meditating we get a sharp and concentrate mind with a sharp focus power, which help us to understand and remember the things. As example, by Shavashan (corpse pose) we get physical and mentally relaxation which we can not attain while we sleep or consume drugs.

Psychological benefits of meditation to cure depression and anger

In psychological benefits we can count our emotional intelligence, maturity, cool and calm mind, great self-confidence, self-respect, positive thinking etc. We can take all those benefits in psychological categories, which affect our personality and behavior. Meditation makes a better and effective personality by adding positive energy and patience in life. When we meditate, we become free from phobia and fears. We get emotional maturity. Some benefits, we can see as below;

  1. It gives self-respect as well as self-confidence. By self-confidence, we can achieve any target because self-confidence is the root of every big target. If we have not confidence, we can’t do anything in life, but with a confidence there is nothing impossible.
  2. Makes a positive attitude and cool mind. Meditation gives us the patience and creative thoughts. It creased our creativity and focus power to do a better job. Through meditation we can control our thoughts. It teaches us about responsibility, work accuracy, better learning skills and good tolerance power.
  3. Yoga with pranayama meditation makes us a perfect social living person. It motivates us to do something for others, something creative and positive. It also takes us towards the path of spirituality, because it develops intuition power, telepathy and other super natural things.

Spiritual benefits of meditation exercises

In spiritual benefits we can take peace of mind, happiness, wisdom, better understanding of yourself and others, awakens consciousness of ego and self, forgiveness, etc. We get spiritual benefits in an advance stage of meditation, where there is no difference in oneself and supreme power. It realizes the sense of human being. Some spiritual benefits are as follow:

  1. Awakens the telepathy power, intuition power in a man. When we meditate with great patience and continuity. It helps us to forgive the people. It gives the power of self realization.
  2. Through meditation, we enter in a super wisdom stage, where we can know each and everything. This is called supreme wisdom or Para consciousness. Through this we can know the secrets of natures and gods. We can contact to our living beings with telepathy or Dhyan.
  3. Meditation converts a man into introverts, that means it gives a man true self-realization. It sets the harmony of body, mind and spirit. We become more positive, more conscious, more responsible and kinder hearted towards our atmosphere and society.


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