5 Best ways to cure depression & stress that costs nothing


When a patient visited to famous doctor Sigmund Freud, he questioned, “Can you cure depression?” Doctor suggested him 5 simplest ways to cure depression that costs nothing.

Definitely it’s not the level of difficulty or the challenges that make your life collapse, but the pressure. Call it peer pressure or environmental pressure to excel in career and life, the level of stress is quite high. But do not worry, here are 5 easiest but effective ways to cure depression that costs nothing except your genuine efforts.

However, several studies suggest that the level of stress and irritability depends on an individual’s diet. Renowned dietician and nutritionist shared some healthy tips to beat the chronic stress, depression and anxiety.

Breakfast benefits

You would not believe but it’s true that by changing breakfast habits can cure depression. To break the fast, begin your day with one glass milk along with Oats, Uttapam, Vegetable porridge, nuts, salad, etc. These food items have low glycemic index and provide constant supply of glucose to our body. If nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnut and more are a part of the breakfast, they help in boosting memory. Since breakfast is the most important meal, you can also opt for eggs, fish, carrots, pumpkins, green leafy veggies, seasonal fruits. Once you adopt these habits, you will answer yourself of “Can you cure depression?”

Work the stress-out

One of the the best ways to cure depression and stress is physical exercise. Physical activity has a large potential to enhance our mood and health. Even a 10-20 minute workout session can increase mental alertness, energy, and bring about a positive mood. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water as it boosts immunity and memory and also aids digestion. Always keep a water bottle handy with you and even carry one in the exam hall. Take small sips while writing your exam to boost energy level.

Caffeine cons

During stress, anxiety or depression try avoiding consumption of caffeine enriched drinks like tea, coffee and other energy drinks as they may lead to anxiety, nervousness, upset stomach, headaches, and insomnia. Remember health comes first. If you want to enjoy a happy life, avoid Caffeine as it is the best ways to cure depression.

Be positive

When you are happy, you would not have to question, “Can you cure depression.” Being positive is the first and last effort to beat stress caused by one and all reasons. Enjoy calmness of your surrounding environment, feel vibrant touch of weather. Whenever you are in great dilemma, share it with best friends.


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