5 Good news this week that will make you smile and happy


Shiva’s is here with a new concept “Good news this week“. Here you will know the best things happening around you. It would be something interesting, beneficial or just funny that will make you smile. In the first part, know 5 best reasons to be happy that discovered this week. We are giving here just title and short descriptions; to read complete news (from the original source) click on the given link.

1. Making fun of yourself can make you happy

Do you know that those who make self-deprecating jokes do not have low self-esteem, nor are they prone to depression? Lead study author Jorge Torres-Marín, who is heading researchers from the University of Granada in Spain says, “We have observed that a greater tendency to employ self-defeating humor is indicative of high scores in psychological well-being dimensions such as happiness and […] sociability.” To know more read here.

2. Standing more every day could improve your health

Second good news this week is, standing improves your health. A study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that standing could make you slim. Women burn 0.1 calories per minute more while standing than they do when sitting and men burn 0.19 calories more. Read more here.

3. Health benefits of playing video games that you do not know

Perhaps this is the most favorite good news this week for kids, teenagers and youths.  You do not know but playing video games improves your brain power, memory and smartness. Usually it is assumed that video games causes dullness to mind. Though recent researches, studies and surveys find health benefits of playing video games plus playing video games makes you smarter too. Here are a few benefits of playing video games.

4. Brain surgery could ‘spread’ Alzheimer’s disease: Study

A new research reveals that brain surgery may ‘spread’ Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers find that Amyloid proteins (the main reasons triggering Alzheimer) may be transmitted on surgical instruments during surgery procedure. Lead author Professor Sebastian Brandner, from University College London, said: ‘We have found new evidence that amyloid beta pathology may be transmissible. You can read more details here.

5. Do not take stress too much otherwise it will change your DNA

The University of Maryland team found stress can change the DNA of a man’s sperm, leading to brain development changes in his future children. It’s widely known that a mother’s environment during pregnancy, including factors such as poor diet, stress and infection, can negatively impact the offspring. But new research suggest it affects fathers too. Let us read here how does stress affect your DNA.


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