6 Awesome health benefits of playing video games, that you do not know


There’s a certain level of stigma that is associated with video games — a stigma that has been around since games themselves were conceived decades ago. Though today’s games are more akin to interactive movies than to anything like the games of the 1980s and ’90s, people who aren’t interested in them still consider them to be nothing more than a time sink; a childish hobby. But recent researches, studies and surveys finds several health benefits of playing video games plus playing video games makes you smarter. Here are a few benefits:-

Sharpen decision making

Many games are rife with moral dilemmas, which force you to weigh the pros and cons that will impact your in-game experience. Others, like strategy games, require you to think critically. Even a first-person shooter requires a good deal of critical thinking and strategy, rather than just “aim and shoot.” The skills polished can actually translate well into the real world as well. That’s why, it is called that playing video games make you smarter.

Memory booster

Just recently, a study from the University of California-Irvine found that the hippocampus, the region associated with complex learning and memory, was altered by playing 3-D games. The memory improvement was fairly substantial, as high as 12%. Researchers are excited about how to use the findings to treat people suffering from memory and cognition issues.

Reduce depression

There’s plenty of evidence now that points to a link between video games and reduced levels of stress, and even reduced rates of depression. As it turns out, games can keep your brain busy while not slamming you with any of the stress and anxiety that real-world problems present. Games can also be a social outlet, allowing those who are lonely a chance to get some interaction. This is he biggest health benefits of playing video games on our mind and body.

Help Overcome Dyslexia

Some research points to attention difficulties as being a key component of dyslexia. One study has shown dyslexics improved their reading comprehension following sessions of games heavy on action. The reason, researchers believe, is that the games have constantly changing environments that require intense focus.

Yields Co-ordination

Video games help zero-in impressive levels of hand-eye coordination. The link between video games and motor skills has been known for quite some time, but newer research sheds even more light onto the connection. Fast-paced games, like first-person shooters, have been shown to boost motor skills and help in fast decision making.

Producing better surgeons

A study of laparoscopic (small incision) specialists found that those who played for more than three hours per week made 32 percent fewer errors during practice procedures compared to their non-gaming counterparts. In short, if you are addicted to playing video games, you may dream to be a good surgeon.

In the last, we can expect that after reading this piece on “Health benefits of playing video games” you will permit your kids to enjoy video games.


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