Why you must avoid these 3 types of people driving social media crazy to live a happy life


If you are not on social media you will be abolished from the society. It has turned out to be a basic amenity like food, clothing and shelter. We can say it is rather more important than these. Majority of us ranging from every age to every kind of person is on this. Learn to say “No” to those people to live a happy life.

Right now there are three types of people active on social sites. First type is of them who blindly follow every activity on it. An example of which is the latest freak about the privacy policy of FB. It said – we will not give permission to Facebook to publicly publish any content. These type of people use to share any post blindly irrespective of any information about it. However, we already know that it is against terms and conditions of Facebook.

The second types of people are there to just oppose any issue prevalent there. The perfect example for it is the incident where the famous singer Madonna congratulated Barack Obama on becoming President of United States. It became an issue for Americans.

The third kind of people active there are attention seekers. They are there to irritate you.  It seems that very soon there will be internet rehab centres, to get rid of craze of these social networking trap. It can be like you will be abolished from the society in case you are not on it.

Avoid them to live a happy life

It is just because when someone asks you “Are you on the social networking site?” and if you say no to this, people consider like you have committed any crime. Using them is certainly good idea, but rather prefer to be socially active in society rather than being social and active on such sites. This is what society actually needs to live a happy life.

Courtesy RJ Swati (Swati hosts U Me ka panga on 95 FM TADKA Radio)


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