Breast cancer: Early detection is the cure!


United States Cancer Statistics: 1999–2014 Incidence and Mortality Web-based Report says, “236,968 women and 2,141 men in the United States were diagnosed with breast cancer. 41,211 women and 465 men in the United States died from breast cancer.”

These statistics from Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (USA) clearly reflect the alarming rate at which cancer is spreading among the American citizens. We discussed the causes, prevention and treatment of most common forms of cancer in women – breast and ovarian cancer- with senior medical experts on the need for women to be more aware of their health.

Breast Cancer in Women

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death among women these days and number of its victims is rising with every passing year. Every third minute a women is diagnosed with breast cancer, every 12th minute a lady is dying because of breast cancer and every 8th minute somebody is diagnosed with cervical cancer. So this is one of the most common healthcare problems in the modern era.

Common types in females

Among the educated females breast cancer is the most common type. On the other hand, among the rural women, cervical cancer has been found as the most prevalent.


breast cancer reasons, symptoms and prevention
breast cancer reasons, symptoms and prevention

Early diagnosis is the key

In current era, cancer is no more a fatal disease. It is just like any other disease. The only thing which is needed is early diagnosis and an effective treatment through processes like surgery, radio therapy, hormone therapy etc. So everything needs to be put together based on the risk stratification. In the European countries, the survival and cure rate in the breast cancer patients is around 92%. If diagnosed in the first stage, the success rate of the patient’s survival is 80 to 90%.


Obesity, lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol habits and exposure to gadgets are some of the most common causes of cancer among the urban women in the modernized society. Due to a tight working schedule, working women are not able to breast feed their kids which makes them more prone to breast cancer.

Screening is important

Ideally, in cases of breast cancer, screening bears a huge importance. In the western countries there has been a significant reduction in the number of deaths after screening was made mandatory for those above the age of 35. The effective precautionary measures taken helps in detecting even a few millimeter tumor. United States, most of the time women get to know about their breast cancer affliction only after it has spread in the whole breast and tumor is more than 10 centimeter.

how to fight against breast cancer
how to fight against breast cancer


Honestly, breast cancer can not be fully prevented, but we can take measures through which we can reduce the risk of development of the cancer. There remains a 4 to 5 per cent of hereditary risk factor, in case an individual’s mother or sister had the same disease. Through screening and early detection of cancer tumor we can save many lives by giving effective treatment.

New trend of Treatment

These days many monoclonal antibodies available which have led to a huge success in the cancer treatment.The HER2-directed therapy has led to a tremendous success in the treatment of breast cancer. and the outcome of breast cancer management. Which these treatments were very expensive earlier, now some international specially Indian brands are available which are now recognized even in European countries. These can help patients to get cheaper yet effective treatment of breast cancer.


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