Do we sculpt our own future destiny?


Quantum physicists wanted to find ultimate particles which constitute matter.

They divided atom and found that it was made of electrons, protons and neutrons. They smashed the nucleus of an atom and found that protons, neutrons of the nucleus, were made of still fine particles like gluons, muons, tachyons, leptons, quarks etc. Still the physicists went on studying them and found there were no longer any particles but waves of vibrations only.

Particle appeared on view only when you concentrated your attention to search for it.

Before you saw them they were in pure vibration generated wave form. When you tried to find them waves collapsed to form a point.

An observer is needed to create a particle out of infinite sea of vibratory waves. Your consciousness, your thinking, your visualizations, expectations, your fears create your own reality, your own future !

So always beware of your thinking, this awareness of observing thoughts comes by practicing meditation regularly. Always visualize healing, prosperity and success expect the best always.

You create your own reality, call it destiny!