Do you know these health benefits of squats


If you want to have perfectly curved booty, nothing is better than squats. Definitely squats helps you to maintain perfect figure, it numerous health benefits too. Know what are the best health benefits of squats.

Health benefits of squats

1. Squats (legs)

10-12 reps- 3 sets.
Benefits: Prevents knee injuries, increases speed and endurance.

2. Squat jump (legs)

10-12 reps- 3 sets.
Benefits: Squat jump exercise builds your leg muscle and help to run fast.

3. Long jump (legs)

10-12 reps- 3 sets.
Benefits: Core training in running programme; targets different muscles in different ways.

4. Lunges (legs)

If you want to challenge yourself then add weights (dumbbells, kettle-bell).
Benefits: Adding lunges to your routine will strengthen all the leg muscles.

5. Bird dog (glutes, core)

10 times, each side.
Benefits: It is good for core and helps to improve your running posture and speed. It also increases stabilization of the torso.

6. Plank (core)

Hold this position for 30 sec to 1  minute and during this workout, keep your hips straight and core tight.
Benefits: One of the best exercises to strengthen your core and also prevent injuries.

7. Side plank (core)

Hold this position for 30 sec to a minute; switch sides.
Benefits: A brilliant way to build core strength. Emphasis on hips and tor helps in running.

8. Clamshells (IT band)

15 rep. on each side.
Benefits: Hip strengthening. it is important for runners because they are more prone to injuries, stemming from weak hips.

9. Side shuffles (IT band, legs)

10 steps each side.
Benefits: Activating and strengthening the muscles in your legs, strong gluts, help to stabilize the pelvis.

10. Half kneeling hip flexor stretch

Hold 30 sec on each side.
Benefits:  It boosts the endurance of your hip flexors. Be sides, it also helps in maintaining
the speed.


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