Essential ways to Improve your kid’s reading, it will make them intelligent


As the famous saying goes “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” (by George R.R. Martin in ‘A Dance with Dragons’). There are variety of reasons which make reading an indispensible need of students’ life.

It shapes and develops their mind by giving them an opportunity to discover new things. It bolsters the imagination of the students by bringing-out their creative side. Also, for their future, reading is not only a key to function in today’s society, but it is also a vital skill in finding a good job. In today’s story, we are covering various aspects of reading along with exploring essential ways to improve reading skills among the students.

Ask them questions after reading

Asking questions from the kids about their readings can be a good idea to develop their critical thinking skills. Moreover, the questions promote a lively conversation about the content they have read. If done in proper guidance, this conversation with kids can prove a milestone in improving their reading skills by building their fluency and understanding of the text.

Create new endings

After completing any book or story, discuss the endings with them and help them to create a different outcome of the same story. This is a fun way to improve the influence and imagination skills of kids. Another way of achieving it can be asking your kid to create the next story of the series they have just completed. This habit can prove a stepping stone in building creative thinking.


It is one of the best ways to improve reading comprehension among kids. While reading any text, ask the kids to visualize whatever they are reading in their mind and later describe it as it is a movie. Studies show that visualization is a better way to retain what they have read.

Read aloud to them

Understanding and using the language becomes easier for the kids when they hear it aloud. Just know your children benefit even more by having the book in front of them as they read it. Later on the kids should themselves try to read aloud and hear it in their own voice to understand.

Re-reading helps clarify the meaning

Re-reading helps children get a clarity of the meaning behind the words. Make sure your kid practices reading and re-reading at least 15 minutes daily to attain better skills.

  • Guide Kids through a logical thinking process.
  • Infer the meaning of unfamiliar words for better grasping.
  • Figure the function of the unfamiliar names of people, places and things.
  • Surmise the author’s themes, points of view, or philosophy in fiction.
  • Articulate the different ideas embedded within long and complex sentences.
  • Explain author’s major and minor premises in nonfiction for meaningful reading.

Essential aspects of Reading

  • Reading is the active search for sensible meaning from apprehensible clues.
  • Reading and reading comprehension are synonymous.
  • Reading is a logical process.
  • When learners read for real purposes of their own, they welcome knowing how to figure out meaning more effectively and efficiently.
  • Proficient readers actively hunt for hints which are more understandable.


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