Failure is a step towards success, don’t give up, start Afresh


In an interview, Bollywood actor Anupam Kher shared an interesting memory from his life. He said that when he failed in class 10th his father took him to a fancy hotel, ordered his favorite food, and finally declared that Anupam had failed in the exam. To which, the shocked and shattered Anupam asked, “Then why did you treat me with this fancy lunch? You should be scolding me.”

His father then replied, “I treated you because I want you to celebrate your failure. In life one should learn to celebrate one’s failure and take a lesson from that and strive hard to do better. Now work hard and do better in your next examination.” he said. Anupam said he has always celebrated his failures and has learnt to get up after every fall.

Result time

It is going to rain results in the coming weeks. From class 10th to 12th and a string of competitive exams,the education sector will come out with results and we will all get to see dozens of smiling faces, those of students, who did well in their exams. Alongside, there will be some sad faces that will refrain from sharing their results with anyone.This is the time when parents, teachers. friends and relatives need to motivate the child.

Make a plan

It is a good idea to make use of the vacation time and take a trip to a different city. Once back, you can help the child start afresh. Make a time-table and help him/ her to follow the same. If desired, sit with the child while he/she is studying. Help her prepare coursework and take tests every weekend. Besides, have a healthy conversation with your child. Talk about the weak points and figure out the weakness to cope with the same.

The root cause

There can be many reasons that your child does not score well in the exam. From lack of hard work,to a family problem, lack of concentration, exam phobia, there are reasons galore. As a parent and supportive teacher you need to dig the right raison d’être and work towards it. Don’t shy away from taking professional help. Take your child to a counselor as this will help you understand the weaker points. Boost his confidence by guiding him as to how to study better.

Abstain from emotional drama

Once the results (negative) are out parents tend to be in a state of shock but abstain from expressing the same to the child as this may result to extreme reactions. As a parent it is your responsibility to not surrender to the situation. In fact, chuck the emotional drama and see that the child does not fall prey to stress and depression. Deal the situation with patience and by dropping your anger. The situation is to handled tactfully and with immense care.

Play no blame game

Make your home a happy place, devoid of all undesired arguments and fights. Discussing financial matters is okay but blaming the child for financial losses due to school and tuition fee isn’t right. Also, comparing your child with his/her siblings and friends is bad. A cheerful home with lots of positive attitude equals to zero stress.

Don’t cry over the split milk

The results will be out and neither you nor your child can change the fact that he/she did not score well in the exam. Therefore there is no use crying over something that you cannot change. It is better to support the child by letting him/her know that this is not the end of the world. A famous quote reads, ‘Failure is often a temporary thing, giving up is what makes it permanent.’ Encourage your child to rise above the situation and work hard in the future.


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