The four ‘L’ of success you must realize to succeed in life


Success depends on the state of mind. Always be happy & thankful for what you have in life and achieve what you aspire to be.

Man plays different roles in Life. He is a team member or a boss in his office, somebody’s life partner, a father, a student & so on. He plays some roles really well but somewhere he fails. So he is not completely satisfied or happy. Let’s discuss various aspects of men’s life by dividing it in four categories that can help him to find success.


Man needs to stay fit & earn good amount of money for his survival. This means the man needs to be strong & has to earn sufficient amount of money to live a carefree life. This is the most essential thing to get success


Man needs to constantly learn something in order to grow. He must keep on upgrading 3 areas – Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.


He needs to know how to maintain a relations. This means that he should make lives of people easier for those who are close to him.


Man will always be happy & satisfied if he helps others achieve what they desire. The more you give, the more you get in return. The funda to help man achieve all these four things is the feeling of GRATITUDE.

People should always be happy & thankful for what they have in life & then only you will be able to achieve what you want in life. Always remember, nothing in life is accidental because there is always a reason for why things happen. People must realize this & then only they will be able to overcome feeling of dissatisfaction.

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