How to control your mind- The perfect idea of mind management


The whole idea of mind management or mind control centers on the idea to keep it busy in the present moment.

Close your eyes just now for few minutes and see how many thoughts come and go !

Mind is never at rest. You will observe that mind goes to either past or in future, it rarely stays in present !

Result is you can’t enjoy present moment or concentrate on the job you are doing right now.

How to live in present

Past is gone and future will always come in the form of present moment. There is no way you can go in to future except in your dreams or imagination.

It does not mean that you must not learn from your past or plan for your future ! It only means instead of fearing the unknown lurking in distant future. Take the steps.

Get the insurance cover for your family, take indemnity insurance if you are a doctor in case ……! Save for future, money is your emergency friend.

How to control your mind

Keep your needs and expectation from others to minimum. You will have have less reasons to get disappointed, everybody has got his own problems either real or imaginary. Don’t expect them to fulfill all your expectations ! There is a beautiful Hindi song, its lyrics says;

“इतना ही उपकार समझ कोई जितना साथ निभादे,
जन्म मरण का मेल है सपना, ये सपना बिसरा दे कोई ना संग मरे”

“Do not expect too much from others. The birth and death is a dream,
so do not expect that anybody will die with you.”

There is one more Hindi song

“जब तुझसे न सुलझें तेरे उलझे हुए धंधे
भगवान के इंसाफ पर सब छोड दे बंदे
वो ही तेरी मुश्किल को आसान करेगा
जो तू नहीं कर पाया वो भगवान करेगा”

“When you are confused with your troubles, leave everything for god. This will make your problem easier to solve. What you can not do, God will do”

In next post you will read about how to control your mind.


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