How to get out of debt with no money and save your money wisely


A Debt free life is easier to live but hard to maintain. It is a matter of your lifestyle rather than your choices. How do you live is the foundation of your debt free or with debt life. Mostly you have the capacity to live debt free life, but you do not choose it. You collect more and more bills and live like you have nothing to do. Use your own capacity and cut debt trap without doing anything. Here we have zeroed up important information on how to get out of debt and save your money efficiently.

Learn how to get out of debt easily & save your money

Accept your debt and total up it

To live a debt free life it is must to know your actual financial situation and debt. Remember – Acceptance is the basics to repay your debt. Collect your all bills and add the total amount which has to be paid. Make a list of all of your loans, debts, and credit card’s payment and prioritize them.

Stop to add more debt

Just cut your credit and debit cards and throw them in dustbin. Do not use anymore cards for purchasing. First of all, try to repay the old ones instead of accepting new loan offers. Avoid purchasing unnecessary products. It will help you to reduce your expenses as well as debt.

Spend Economically

When you are struggling with a huge burden of debts, how can you spend liberally? Try to minimize your expenses. Definitely you will have to forget luxurious life for some time but it will create new ways to repay your debts. Use discount or sale schemes for shopping. Do not lose any chance to save your money, after all every penny is helpful to repay loans. You may be called frugal but that is not a bad thing to solve financial problems. Keep patience and you will enjoy everything in life whatever you want.

Plan to pay your debts

After collecting up your bills and loans, choose the one with highest interest rates or the lowest amount bill. If you can’t pay the loans with the highest interest rate, just start to pay the smallest amounting bill to minimize your creditors. Remember – do not try to pay all debts at a single time, pay one by one without getting worried. Find out what do you have and you can do to repay the loans.

how to save your money
how to save your money to live a happy life

Talk to creditors and pay

Talk to your creditors, tell them your financial and personal problems and ask them to help into repaying. Mostly they would agree for the settlement as per your time and payment schedule, but now it is your duty to keep their faith in you. Tell them your repay installments schedule and try to fulfill your commitments.

Live a stress free life

A stress free life is the key of happiness and prosperous life which must not be ignored. A mental relaxation cannot pay your loans but a tension free mind can give you innovative and creative ideas to earn more. Use its capability and live like a man. Relax and enjoy your own hobbies to rejuvenate yourself.

Think Positive

Hope is everything. Definitely you will overcome your debts but it will take some time. Don’t loose your patience and hope for better. Remember the most famous and rich people’ history such as Charlie Chaplin, Abraham Lincoln etc. who struggled their whole life and got success over circumstances without losing their hope. Positive thoughts will provide you moral support as preparing you for the rising destiny.

Save your money

Saving is the best option to cut off a debt without doing anything. Saving opens your door to a debt free life. Have a habit of savings, not for bad time, but for always. This will empower you to fight against futures debts. This is not necessary to save large amount, just try to save maximum or a fix amount monthly, weekly or daily. Remember – A little savings daily makes a treasure of millions.

Learn how to invest wisely

Saving is not enough, learn to invest. Know and use the earning potential of your money. Invest smartly and earn more. Do not invest it in stock market or gambling but pension policies, small entrepreneurship or something else which can earn money for you. It may take time to establish but it will by your own for your rainy season. Simply start and see the miracle.


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