How to talk to a teenager about relationships so they will listen


Every parent in the world wants to know, “How to talk to a teenager about relationship?” Unfortunately they fail to do the same. Even they do not know how to start conversation with kids. This results in the communication gap between the parent and teenagers leading to unhappy relationship. On the other hand, teenagers found themselves in a dilemma where they want to discuss their questions with parents. We have tried to zero in on questions that can lead to thorough answers. Here is how:

How to start a conversation with teenagers

If you do not know, “how to talk to a teenager about relationship”, start conversation saying, “tell me”. Using a conversation starter – a “tell me” – instead of always resorting to questions proves more beneficial. For instance questions like “Tell me about gym class” or “Tell me about someone you played with today or a game that you played,” are some of the better questions to start a conversation with your kid. It is important to start it at right point.

Encourage Open-ended queries

Experts suggest that the open-ended questions encourage more than a one-word answer from the kids. For instance, the questions that are not open-ended like “How was your day” is likely to get a single word answer. On the other hand, questions like ‘What did you enjoy doing at school today?’ or, and follow-up with, ‘Tell me more.’

Getting Specific

The more specific you get, the easier it will be to engage with your kids. There are many things parents can do to get more related things to on their kids such as accessing their course schedules online or even chat with a teacher to find out what’s happening. That can help them form specific questions.

How to questions around emotions

The parents can frame questions around the feelings of their kids, specially those who are still in elementary schools. The questions around their feelings can include something that they are proud-of, feeling of being a good friend, a good son or daughter, etc. Parents can ask “What made you feel proud today?” Kids often look elsewhere when they’re emotionally needy. And that’s parent’s loss.

Share your stories

Sharing something fun about your day, that helps children see how you build a story with words. For this, one has to be fully present during the conversation. In a multitasking world, undivided attention is a precious commodity. Children need parents who listen with their eyes and ears. Turn off the phone, computer, or other distractions that dilute conversation.

11 Tips for effective conversation & how to talk to a teenager

  1. Dedicating time to talks with kid likely to help.
  2. Communicate more for enjoyable social contact than to get something done.
  3. Communicate for a variety of reasons.
  4. Comment and wait.
  5. Reply to your child’s comments.
  6. Keep conversations balanced.
  7. Think of talking as creative play.
  8. Follow rules of social conversations.
  9. Stay available.
  10. Use indirect communication.
  11. Listen to them.


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