You are being controlled, Sir!


Do you think the decisions you make, are your own? Right at every step you are being controlled, manipulated and managed by audio visual and published print media. Every action, reaction, opinion, thought, emotion and behavior of yours is either result of your conditioned reflex or by the media and public opinion that includes your family, colleagues and society.

Know how you are being controlled

You are under hypnotic trance most of the time, without realizing it. If I ask you which tooth paste do you use, most likely your response will be Colgate! or if I ask you for a cold drink, what comes instantly to your mind? Coca Cola or Thumbs Up ofcourse! Why these only and not lassi or nimbu paani or naarial paani come to your mind? They are more healthy and natural, without harmful artificial colors and preservatives.

If I ask you what made you decide to use these? Did you ever compare this tooth paste or other cold drinks with these? How do you say these are best? Now a days there is an advertisement which says this product is 25% more effective than other product in the market. Everybody parrots this claim without comparing and scientific evaluation.

You are being brain washed by the media

The reason is you have been constantly being bombarded by audio visual media in TVs, films, news papers and even in cricket matches where it is being hammered in your brain that “Thanda matlab Coca Cola”.

Have you taken a young baby few months old from her mother to fondle and love? The baby comes willingly to you from her mother’s lap. Meanwhile he will keep on looking at your face intently, after a few minutes or may be seconds, he will start crying and will insist to go back to his mother.

What happened? baby when looking keenly at you was matching your face with the memory in his brain, which initially consists of only mummy, papa, grandmother or a few close family member’s faces. When your face does not match with his memory records, baby starts crying.

They are playing with your subconscious mind

All our likings and dislikings come from the subconscious mind, which keeps the record of all your experiences of not only this life but past lives also. These are called conditioned reflexes meaning a response triggered by a given stimulus! Suppose somebody cheated you or assaulted you, if he or someone resembling him appears you will instantly be on your alert, lest…!


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