Know, what does your handwriting say about you?


There’s so much more to a person’s handwriting than meets the layman’s eyes. Experts can tell if you’re an introvert, extrovert or ambivert or an easy going or a perfectly punctual person. Let’s know, what does your handwriting say about you?

We’ve all grown up listening to our parents and teacher say “Improve your handwriting” but we’ve rarely been told the secrets of our handwriting. Just like one’s fingerprints, everyone’s handwriting is also unique and reveals a lot about the person’s nature.

Graphologist are experts who analyze the personality traits of a person by studying their handwriting. According to study, it is believed that individuals whose handwriting is tiny or small tend to be meek, brainy and painstaking; whereas individuals whose handwriting is larger in comparison are supposedly attention seekers. As per study there are certain ways that can help you to know what does your handwriting say about you.

Solving health issues

Interestingly, one’s handwriting can provide them with intimation about several personality traits based on the way one writes a letter, how they sign their name, how fast or slow they can write. “It might be surprising to you, but handwriting analysis can also identify several health issues such as high blood pressure, schizophrenia, how much energetic a person is or for that matter emotional trauma. Writing can come to your rescue,” says young beautiful graphologist, Priyanka Agarwal. She says, “Individuals who leave a lot of space between their words enjoy freedom and don’t like anyone’s interference while those who write their words close together are intrusive and can’t stand to be alone.

Overcome childhood troubles

Research says if one’s handwriting inclines to the right then the person is open to new experiences and adventures in life and is a socialite; while if the handwriting inclines to the left the person doesn’t like changes in his/her life and is also anti-social. But what about those whose handwriting doesn’t incline in any direction? Such type of people are analytical and realistic.

Speaking about the use of handwriting analysis Priyanka says, “Now companies have also started using this technique during recruitment processes and the methods have also been used in various court cases.”

Discovering how an individual writes letters is also one way of finding personality traits. “Graphology, the art of studying handwriting, also involves therapy, where if you change an individuals handwriting, you can help them overcome their problems in life.” asserts Priyanka Agarwal. Several schools and centers are known ways to adopt this method to help individuals overcome obstacles.


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