Learning foreign languages sharpen your mind and improves personality


The study mentions that the more foreign languages one learns, the more effectively brain reacts and processes the data accumulated in the course of learning. Researchers carried out experiments among 22 students (10 male and 12 female). The brain’s electrical activity was measured with electroencephalography.

How does Learning foreign languages affects your mind

Learning foreign languages enhances our brain’s elasticity and its ability to code information, a study has found. Researchers carried out experiments among 22 students (10 male and 12 female) where the brain’s electrical activity was measured with EEG (electroencephalography).

The subjects had electrodes placed on their heads and then listened to recordings of different words in their native language, as well in foreign languages. When the known or unknown words popped up, changes in the brain’s activity were tracked and the researchers especially focused on the speed at which the brain readjusted its activity to treat unknown words.

What scientists say?

The experiment showed that the brain’s electrical activity of those participants who had already known some foreign languages, was higher. “When we achieve better insight into the principles of creating and strengthening neuron networks; we will be able to harness these mechanisms, speed them up and improve the learning process,” Shtyrov added. “The more languages someone mastered, the faster the neuron network coding the information on the new words was formed.

Brain-inspired memory for wearables

Researchers have developed a new memory device for wearable devices like smart watches or phones which is inspired by the neuron connections of the human brain. Long retention time and endurance. Moreover, its stretch-ability and flexibility makes it a promising tool for the next-generation soft electronics attached to clothes or body, the researchers noted. “Flash memory is still more reliable and has better performance. But TRAM is more flexible and can be scalable,” explained Professor Yu Woo Jong in a statement.


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