Meditation – 21 questions and their answers that can save your life


In an interview the Dalai Lama has said, “Eastern forms of meditation and Pranayam (breathing exercise) have to be handled carefully. Westerners who proceed too quickly to deep meditation should learn more about Eastern traditions and get better training than they usually do. Otherwise, certain physical or mental difficulties appear.”

Unfortunately we do not listen and we have to face certain problems. The problems can be something like mania, psychotic, hallucination, depressed having suicidal thoughts, nervous breakdowns, sudden surge of heart rates, chronic pain, and split personalities. This problem also can happen from incorrect training in certain types of yoga (resulted in kundalini syndrome), certain religious types of meditation and incorrect hypnosis. (…)”

Meditation – Questions and answers

Are meditation and yoga two different things?

No, they are two different branches of tantra. We can say that meditation is the next step of yoga. You can’t differentiate where yoga finishes and meditation starts.

Is it essential to practice yoga or pranayama (breathing exercise) with meditation?

Nope, but if you do, it will be more fruitful. It will provide more relaxation, calmness and strength.

Does meditation have side effects?

Yes. The problems can be something like mania, psychotic, hallucination, depressed having suicidal thoughts, nervous breakdowns, sudden surge of heart rates, chronic pain, and split personalities. If you feel one or more symptoms from the above, immediately contact to your meditation coach or a health expert.

Can meditation cure anxiety and depression?

Yes, if it is practiced under a teacher’s guidance, it works. According to researches, regular practicing of meditation eliminates anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts forever. It gives you positive attitude.

Can meditation cure disease?

Nope, meditation can’t cure disease, until it is anxiety, stress, depression of something like these. However it makes you optimistic which helps you to recover soon. In some cases, where anxiety or stress is the primary root of the disease, it works miraculously.

Can meditation cure mental illness?

Yes and No. It depends on the situation and type of illness. It also depends on “which practice you are using? ”

Can meditation give you powers?

Yes, it teaches you, how to control your mind. It gives you power to be calm, confident and positive. If you do meditation regularly, you may feel charismatic power of clairvoyance, clairaudience or superb concentration but it may take up to 1 year of regular practice.

Can meditation heal emotional, mental traumas?

Definitely, meditation heals your wounds amazingly. It generates life-force (pran oorja) that cures all kinds of emotional, behavioral or mental traumas. If you are suffering some kinds of bed feelings, it works perfectly to get relief.

Can meditation heal the body?

Yes, if you are using correct practice under a good teacher’s guidance, it can heal body. As we know, meditation generates life force that heals body. But medication should not be stopped until your doctor suggests you.

Can meditation help in anxiety?

If works perfectly.

Can meditation replace sleep?

If you are not feeling well, just try Yoga Nidra (an advance technique of meditation), you will feel more freshness, more powerful and more energetic than you feel after awaken from a long sleep.

Does meditation change the brain?

Yes it does. Meditation works on mind like you are formatting your laptop’s hard disk. It erases all bad memories, feelings, stress and negative thoughts. Later it creates new positive thoughts in subconscious mind. Moreover it gives you more emotional and mental strength.

Does meditation help high/ low blood pressure?

Yes, practicing meditation (with certain breathing exercises) daily for 10 to 15 minutes can cure all problems related to high or low blood pressure.

Does meditation increase happy hormone “dopamine”?

Yes, that’s why you feel more relaxed after meditation.

Does meditation make you hungry?

Yes or No both. If you are talking about food, it is not correct. But it improves digestive system so you may feel more hungry.

Does meditation make you smarter?

Yes it improves your mental ability. So you become more focused, more dedicated to something resulting in more smartness.

Does meditation really affect your brain?

Meditation affects brain and improves functionality of mind. According to research, mindfulness meditation can alter DNA giving you more immunity against all environmental odds. Meditation increases grey matter found in brain and helps to focus mind.

How meditation can change your life?

Meditation kills negatives thoughts and gives mental and emotional strength. Gradually it changes your attitude to positivity so you start to feel change in your daily life.

How meditation can reshape our brains?

Scientists and researchers say, meditation rewires our mental neural network. Sometimes it may give you supernatural power, but mostly it makes you more smart, intelligent and strong.

Can meditation awake Kundalini as some Indian gurus say?

Definitely, most of Indian gurus use different kinds of meditation to awaken Kundalini. Mantra meditation is one of the most used and powerful technique to awaken Kundalini. But it needs a guru’s guidance that can help you whenever you raise some problem during your journey to awake the serpent power. Without a good teacher’s guidance, it may be dangerous for you.

Are meditation cushions necessary?

Nope, they are luxury, if your mind can’t afford to be silenced without a good cushion or mat, they are essential. Else you can meditate on a chair, bed or sitting under a tree, even on the floor too.

Can meditation change eye color?

Scientific researchers say, if meditation is practiced for long time, it alters DNA structure. However right now we have no proof that it can change eye color, or skin color. It helps you to maintain emotional, mental and spiritual balance with the help of subconscious mind.


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