Reiki Healing – A powerful tool to heal your mental, emotional and physical trauma


Reiki is a Japanese technique to heal the pain and illness through cosmic energy. Here Reiki word is made from Japanese words RAY+KEE which mean universal life energy. Reiki Healing was invented by Mikao Usui, who taught it his disciples. Reiki works on spiritual and cosmic energy theory.

In Reiki healing, a Reiki channel (Reiki attuned person) can send cosmic energy into the patient’s body and give him/her relax in pain or illness. Reiki Healing works on five principles and promotes happiness, joy and love in human being. Every Reiki practitioner has to follow these five principles to attain higher level of healing. These are: At Today:

  1. I would not be angry.
  2. I would not worry.
  3. I would be grateful.
  4. I would work with diligence and honesty.
  5. I would be kind to all.

How to learn Reiki Healing

There are two branches in Reiki, referred as traditional Reiki (also known as Japanese Reiki) and western Reiki. Both the branches have three forms of degree, generally known as first, second and master/third degree. At first Reiki degree, a Reiki healer can heal himself and others; in second degree he can heal others distantly. The third degree is called master degree also because of attuned in three degree.

After attaining third degree attunement a practitioner can teach and attunes other to Reiki. Reiki can’t be learned. It is achieved through attunement received a Reiki Master. First degree doesn’t require symbol, but a second and master degree practitioner has to use divine symbol to use more power and energy. These symbols and their uses are taught by the experienced Reiki Master who gives attunement to the disciples.

How to heal through Reiki Healing

Reiki works through cosmic energy or universal life energy. A Reiki channel (Reiki learned practitioner) preys to Reiki to go the patient and heal him/her through Reiki channel’s hand. A practitioner can heal body pain, headache, ache and an illness by cosmic energy. Reiki flows through the channel and balance the energy level of patient and gives him/her relax.


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