Relationship therapists say, “Yes! you can find your best friend in life partner.”


Marriage and friendship are two different words with same intentions and believes. Both have the same foundation of undoubted faith of each other. Sometimes people ask from relationship therapists, “How can they be best friend of their spouse?”

This looks interesting to find a best friend in spouse but it eliminates many troubles of married couples and enhances the eternal joy of marital life. Everybody can do it following couple of exercises of being friends suggested by relationship therapists.

  • You will have to tell your partner that you may be his/her best friend, not in the words but in the action. Don’t respond like a husband or wife, live like a friend. You have to be real with each other without expectations.
  • Trust is the foundation of life. Trust gives you your partner’s respect without trust you can’t enjoy marriage and friendship. Trust and respect each other. This will strengthen your friendship and marital life forever.
  • Carefully listening is the best trick to make a new friend, don’t criticize him or her to speak, just listen and try to understand what he/she wants to say. Don’t advice him/her, but try to solve his/her problem by heart.
  • Be frank with your spouse and share what you think with him/her. Discuss your problems with them. It may be, you would not get a solution, but you will get moral support of your partner. He/she will understand your problem and will try their best to help you.
  • Don’t criticize them by their bad qualities but praise them for their good qualities. Criticism disables the heart’s functionality; therefore it should be keep away with you. Don’t expect too much with your partner. Accept your partner as he/she is. This will make him/her an emotional bonding with you and he/she will be motivated to accept you as you are.
  • Have fun time with him or her. You may play a game or watch the movie with each other. Share your feelings and emotions.
  • Give your partner their choice. Don’t pressurize him/her to be agreeing with you. It will increase your mutual understanding as a friend. Give your moral support to him/her in their decisions. Be a friend to get a friendship and have friendship, love and the ultimate joy of life.


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