Experts suggest this when asked, “how to live a happy married life?”


Intimacy is what makes a marriage, not a ceremony,
not a piece of paper from the state.
– Kathleen Norris

According to relationship therapists, a couple must be good friends to live a happy married life. This comes from Intimacy. Intimacy is the foundation of a happy marriage which starts from the hearts of friends. An intimacy does not need physical relations or any other ritual but it demands love, faith and oneness with each other, that is called “Intimacy.” Intimacy comes when your share your hearts, feelings and emotions. We can’t expect intimacy without surrendering ourselves to someone as we do in friendship. Likewise intimacy, friendship is also a sharing of feelings, hearts and emotions.

Know, how can you live a happy married life?

When a married couple chooses to be good friends, it gives them more intimacy, affection and love. Friendship with your spouse creates an open space to explore yourself to express your feelings, which strengthens your love and attraction to each other. Let’s discuss what we need to create a friendship bond between individuals to live a happy married life.

Enjoy their hobbies collectively

Sharing interests is the first ladder of friendship. If you have different hobbies, do not criticize his/her interest and show your respect towards your spouse’s interest and hobbies. This will give you his/ her stealth trust to have a happy marriage forever. You must also share his/her work, play, emotions, happiness and feelings which will give both of you an understanding to know more about yourselves.

Spend quality time together

It is not necessary to live forever with each-other to have a strong relation. You may get a rock solid marriage by spending quality time with your spouse. During this period, you talk about his/her emotions, feelings, problems and other. You may enjoy physical pleasures too but that should not be main part of time. Remember, physical intimacy is a supplement to life and marriage; but it is not guarantee to have a happy marriage forever. This quality time will give you a life-time memory to protect and save your relationship. Even if your spouse is dating with someone, he/she will have to rethink about separation or divorce with you.

Give space to your spouse

Provide comfortable space to your spouse to explore his/ herself so that he/ she can be intimate with you. Intimacy doesn’t work with terms and conditions. If you want to use terms and conditions with your marriage, it will make an agreement like a useless product, and you will not find anything from that. But if you provide their own space, you will get also an open space where you can explore your inner feelings towards your partner.

Offer them a feeling of easy and comfortable friendship

After marriage, couples start to ignore the feeling of friendship instead of keeping it continue, which is the biggest mistake of life, feeling of friendship gives you intimacy with inner respect, while a marital relation limits you to outer respect only. So avoid this outer respect and give inner respect and intimacy to your spouse as a friend. Definitely it will make life more comfortable and easy to live a happy married life.


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