The Heartfulness Way- An effortless journey through Heart Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation


It’s a rare site on a book launch when you see its co-author making the attendees live each word penned down in the book with utmost ease. ‘The Heartfulness Way: Heart Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation’, co-authored by Kamlesh Patel and Joshua Pollock, is a transforming tome based on the meditation technique followed by millions across the globe.

Speaking in an interview, Joshua Pollock, a Heartfulness trainer from the United States, sheds some light on the meditative practice that promises to be effective in helping people from any sphere of life in identifying themselves on an inward journey.

Transformation through Heart Based Meditations

Of all the experts that come from India, I think meditation and yoga ones are the most prominent. A week ago I was conducting a heart based meditation session in the University of Chennai with over 200 students. After the session got over, almost all students confessed that they felt peace that they have never experienced in the past. We were glad that they could relate so closely to it in the first session itself.


This book prepares you to tread on the path of peace and enlightenment. However each person associated with us has a different purpose. Some- body wants peace of mind, the other wants to lighten their heart. Our meditation prepares your heart to face all obstacles in life and brings peace to your mind.


This book just doesn’t give you principles to follow, it provides its readers with experiences they can closely relate to. Books in this category generally become popular by word of the mouth. So, when someone reads our book, they have experiences worth sharing. This is what makes it unique.

The Experience

After using it, you will feel so much lightness as the heaviness of all your past experience gets just evaporated. This makes it different.


This is a practice that you have to verify personally. This book is not about only one country or one community. It is for one and all. This meditation technique has a universal application. I would recommend to verify this book personally no matter how many people say it has changed their life. Verify it and apply it on your own.

Scope on a larger Platform

Every problem we see on societal level has its roots at the individual level. Society is the sum total of its people. We have to address each issue at the individual level. When a certain number of people start transforming themselves through this technique, the impact will be quite large. That’s our approach.


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