The miracles of 7 Chakras and their hidden powers


Agya Chakra is related to will power. An active Agya Chakra directs and transforms the will power in a particular direction. It works like the lens, which concentrates the sun-rays at a single point to ignite spark.

We have seven Chakras in our body, these Chakras connects our physical body to our ether body or spiritual body. These Chakras work like small generators to generate and circulate the energy in all body. These seven chakras are located hidden in the spinal cord right from the base of spinal cord to the brain.

The first chakra is Muladhar Chakra, it regulates our urinal system to clean the body’s inner waste. The last and supreme chakra is Crown Chakra which commands all the Chakras and gives super natural powers. Our consciousness rises from Muladhar and goes to Crown or Shashtrar Chakra through the Agya Chakra.

Agya Chakra commands our will power and energy. It concentrates will power like a lens to achieve a specific goal. It’s arisen brings hidden power of human mind and its nerve system. We can get an extraordinary power to awaken Agya Chakra, which is difficult for others. I would like to explain an example to make understand this fact.

Miracles of Chakras

Edger Cayce was a god fearing, religious and a well known personality of his time. In 1905, he fell sick and he became unconscious. He was taken to hospital and he remained in a coma for three days. The doctors has lost hope and said that he would not survive. But suddenly the third day he started to speak in coma.

He told that he had fallen from a tree so he was unconscious; he also asked a medicine to recover himself. Doctors couldn’t believe it that how a person can speak in coma with a unconscious mind. But there was no option, they tried to find the medicine and gave it to Edger Cayce. He became conscious within twelve hours. When it was conveyed him, he was not aware about all the thing.

After that day he started to tell medicines and cure for incurable patients though he was not a doctor or knower of medicines. His predictions worked always without any failure. When he asked to tell the secret of this talent, he said, “I do not know who is seeing the patient and is speaking when I am unconscious, I have no relationship with that person.”

But one thing was noticed that time, whenever he was telling a cure in that state, his eyes were drawn upwards between the eyebrows, which is the place of Agya Chakra. Suddenly his Agya Chakra was awakened and it was telling him cure and medicines for the patients when he was unconscious.

Other miracles of chakra powers

This is only one example of awaken Agya Chakra, if we will try to search other person like Edger, we will find several. This examples shows the unbelievable and hidden capacity of mind which is locked in Chakras. Agya Chakra does not give always medicine’s knowledge; it may give you powers of telepathy, to know the future or past without telling by someone or anything else.

It opens the locked doors of hidden supreme knowledge. Its opening works like a miracle and awakens the unconscious mind. There are many methods to awaken it, but that is not a part of the topic. I will describe them in another post.


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