This YouTube Guided Meditation Video can cure depression, anxiety & OCD


Guided meditation can save your life, if it is done properly and without any prejudice. It is a common treatment in psychiatry which is used to cure depression, anxiety and stress. Like hypnosis or suggestion therapy, guided meditation approached your subconscious mind to awaken sleeping awareness in the brain.

Every time you practice guided meditation, your mind becomes more eager to follow your command. Let us know what is the guided meditation and how it works plus a guided meditation video that will remove all of your negative emotions in life a better, positive and happy life.

What is guided meditation

Guided meditation is a set of pre-recorded instructions. You can buy them from amazon, eBay or apple stores. In a guided meditation session, you hear recorded instructions, follow them and imagine what you are asked to do. It motivates your brain and heart to kick negative thinking out so you can focus your attention on other important things.

Here listen Guided Meditation YouTube Video

Here we bring you one YouTube video of guided meditation from Michael Sealey. This meditation encourages a calm awareness of the breath, and also a gentle detachment from the habits of rumination (ie. over-thinking). This session is useful for alleviating symptoms of anxiety, OCD, and depression.


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