How to Book an Uber or Ola Cab Without the App


When you have to take a taxi, you most likely haul your telephone out and begin the Ola or Uber application (contingent upon which one you lean toward), and make your booking. Be that as it may, in case you’re sitting before your PC in the workplace, you don’t really need to make the additional stride, and can book your taxi without hauling out your telephone.

It’s in reality simple to book a taxi from your PC utilizing only the internet browser, and Ola formally underpins work area appointments while for Uber, you have to influence utilization of one basic trap to make it to work for you. This is what you have to know, alongside a couple of other valuable traps that make utilizing Uber from your PC a breeze.

Step by step instructions to book Uber without telephone application

Booking a Uber without a telephone is similarly basic, yet there is one additional progression you have to know, in light of the fact that the Uber site on work area doesn’t give you a chance to book a taxi. Rather, you need to utilize the versatile site. Here’s the means by which it works.

On your PC, open the program and go to

On the following screen, you’re incited for your telephone number, and after that your watchword.

Next, you’ll get an OTP on your telephone, and once you enter that, you go to the booking page. This was a one-time undertaking and whenever you have to book a taxi, you won’t have to sign in once more.

Once you’ve marked in, there will be an incite to utilize area administrations. You can empower this or handicap it, and afterward you’re taken to the booking screen.

Here, enter your pickup and drop area.

You’ll see the outing in the guide underneath, alongside the different taxi choices, the admission gauges, and the opportunity to pickup. The installment strategy will be recorded beneath that, and afterward the demand catch.

Tap on demand and Uber books the taxi, and you’re ready.

Uber application for Windows

Aside from these little workarounds, there’s a significantly less complex approach to book a Uber in case you’re utilizing a Windows PC. There is an authority Uber application, the chips away at Windows 10 gadgets. It utilizes your area and can be utilized to book an auto.

The experience of utilizing the application is essentially the same as portrayed above however, so it may be speedier to simply utilize the program based rendition. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to utilize the application and have a Windows 8 PC or tablet, you can download Uber from the Microsoft Store for nothing.

Ola likewise has a Windows 10 application, however it’s solitary good with Windows 10 Mobile, thus won’t take a shot at your PC or work station.

Uber application for Mac

There’s no Uber application for Mac clients, yet there is an application called Fastlane you can use to book a Uber from your Apple PC. Like the authority application, Fastlane is additionally free, and sits in the menu bar of your PC so it’s only one catch click away.

When you tap on it, you have to type in your pickup and drop areas, and afterward the demand catch. It’s quick and compelling, however by and by, doesn’t generally appear to be especially better than simply utilizing the portable site, and by doing that you won’t depend on an outsider application. In any case, on the off chance that you trust the additional comfort is justified, despite all the trouble, you can download Fastlane free from its site.

Uber with Office 365

Uber likewise teamed up with Microsoft to dispatch an incorporation with Office 365. In case you’re an Office 365 endorser, Uber utilizes the Outlook APIs, and you can utilize the logbook there to set up taxi rides. You can set a Uber ride update for gatherings on your timetable, and you’ll get a fly up when it’s an ideal opportunity to go. You would then be able to swipe to affirm the ride, and the auto will be headed.

The most effective method to book Ola without telephone application

Booking an Ola without a telephone is straightforward, simply take after these means:

On your PC, open the program and go to

In the container on the left, enter your pickup and drop areas, and when you need the taxi.

Tap on Search Cabs.

You’ll get a rundown of autos, indicating costs and time to pickup, so you can pick whatever suits you best. The booking will demonstrate Cash as the installment choice – tap on it to sign in with the accompanying advances:

Enter your telephone number in the incite.

You’ll get an OTP on your telephone which you enter here.

This is by all accounts a one time process which was not rehashed for us, so the second time you attempt and book a taxi you likely won’t need to sign in once more.

Single word of alert – the drop booking capacity (while attempting to make the booking) on the PC program doesn’t appear to work, and we unintentionally reserved three taxis in the meantime, and after that needed to drop them one by one utilizing the application on our telephone.


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