How to Check Voter ID Card Application Status Online


Once you’ve connected for another voter ID card or amendment of points of interest on your voter ID, you can track the status of your application on the web. This is a really direct process that doesn’t require much time or exertion. Before you do this, in the event that you are not a first-time voter who has never connected for a voter ID, at that point you have to check several things. In the event that you connected for a voter ID card because of moving of voting demographic or if your name wasn’t recorded in your standard survey stall, at that point first check if your name is there on the voter list. On the off chance that it is there, you don’t have to apply for another voter ID. If not, at that point you should first apply for another voter ID in India before you can track your application status.

When you have done those things, you can without much of a stretch check your voter ID application status on the off chance that you just take after the means portrayed underneath.

The most effective method to check voter ID status application status on the web

Go the National Voter Services Portal and look to Track application status and afterward tap or snap Click here. On the other hand, you may specifically go to the NVSP online application status page.

Presently enter the reference ID for your voter ID application. It ought to be in the email or SMS you got in the wake of sending your application on the web.

This will demonstrate to you the status of your voter ID card application. There are four stages/conceivable statuses engaged with this procedure — Submitted, BLO Appointed, Field Verified, and Accepted/Rejected. The featured advances are finished while the dull ones are yet to be finished. Note that these stages are for new voter ID applications and those means for different sorts of administrations may change. Right now, this gives off an impression of being the best way to check the status of your voter ID application on the web.

Would i be able to check voter ID card status by SMS?

We had a go at searching for approaches to check the status of your voter ID card application by means of SMS yet that administration is just offered in a few states and just to check if your name is on the voter list. Checking voter ID application status by means of SMS doesn’t give off an impression of being a choice at the present time, so you can utilize the strategy portrayed above to check on the web if your voter ID application has been prepared.


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