How to View, Edit, and Remove Location and Other EXIF Data From Your Photos


Interchangeable Image Format, otherwise called EXIF, is an arrangement of information that is connected to each picture you take. Most cameras and cell phones nowadays include essential parameters, for example, the mode in which the photograph was taken, the screen speed, ISO, gap information, and now and again even the area of the photo. This displays a particular issue — when you click a photo of a delightful fowl roosted on the windowsill in your home, your camera consequently includes the area of the photo, which could uncover your place of residence when you share it with others on the web. Most interpersonal organizations, for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter expel the majority of this information from photographs when you transfer them. Notwithstanding, when your photograph is shared by means of email or distributed storage administrations, for example, Google Drive or Dropbox, this information is as yet introduce on pictures. To secure your protection, it’s best to expel EXIF information from pictures. Here’s the means by which you can do it.

The most effective method to see, alter, and expel EXIF Data including area on Android

Take after these means to see EXIF information on your Android cell phone.

Open Google Photos on the telephone – introduce it if necessary.

Open any photograph and tap the I symbol.

This will demonstrate to all of you the EXIF information you require.

To expel EXIF information from your photographs, you’ll require an outsider application, for example, EXIF Eraser. Once you’ve introduced the application, take after these means.

Open EXIF Eraser.

Tap Select Image and Remove EXIF.

Select the picture from your library. The application will demonstrate to all of you of its EXIF information and disclose to you that it’ll expel it. Tap Ok.

We attempted a couple of applications that let you alter EXIF information and offer granular control on the EXIF information you can evacuate, however none of them worked faultlessly for us.

In the event that for reasons unknown, you don’t need area information spared with your pictures not very hard to keep your Android telephone from doing that. Take after these means to prevent your Android telephone from sparing area with your photographs:

Open the camera application on your Android gadget and go to Settings by tapping the Gear symbol. This differs from telephone to telephone as there’s no standard camera application on all Android gadgets.

After that kill Store area information to forestall geotagging of photographs. This choice may have a somewhat unique wording however it’s there in practically every Android telephone’s camera application.

exif eraser android google play Exif Eraser

Step by step instructions to see, alter, and expel EXIF Data including area on Windows

Windows has a decent local metadata proofreader that lets you rapidly view or expel EXIF information from pictures. This is what you have to do.

Go to the organizer where your picture is found.

Right-tap the picture > click Properties.

Tap the Details tab.

Snap Remove Properties and Personal Information.

At that point you can click Create a duplicate with every conceivable property evacuated for a duplicate of the photograph with EXIF information stripped.

Then again you can alter metadata by clicking Remove the accompanying properties from this record.

Once you’re done, click OK.

For mass expulsion of EXIF information, you will require an outsider application, for example, IrfanView. Take after these means to take care of business.

Download IrfanView and after that download all IrfanView modules. Introduce both.

Open IrfanView and press B on the console. This will open the cluster change menu in IrfanView.

On the correct hand side, select every one of the pictures you need to process and afterward tap the Add catch beneath.

On the left side, click Options and uncheck the accompanying three alternatives Keep unique EXIF information, Keep unique IPTC information and Keep unique JPG-Comment.

Snap Start Batch in the wake of choosing the index you need the yield documents in. Presently the entirety of your photographs will have been stripped of EXIF information.

irfanview group exif evacuate windows IrfanView

The most effective method to see and alter EXIF Data including area on macOS

On macOS, the Photos application accomplishes more than what it does on iOS. The application gives you a chance to see EXIF information and expel area information from your pictures. It doesn’t give you a chance to alter or evacuate all parameters of EXIF information be that as it may. Take after these means to see EXIF information on Photos for macOS and to evacuate area information as well.

Open Photos for macOS.

Open the picture you need to alter.

Tap the I catch on the upper right. Here you can see EXIF information in the photograph and include a depiction and catchphrases on the off chance that you wish.

You can expel area information from a photograph by clicking Image in the best bar and afterward clicking Location > Hide Location.

You can likewise alter the date and time on the photograph by clicking Image > Adjust date and time. Change the time and date and afterward click Adjust.

To evacuate EXIF information, you will host to depend on a third-get-together application, for example, ImageOptim. Here’s the ticket.

Download ImageOptim.

Tap the + symbol and select the pictures you need to strip EXIF information from. You can choose various pictures as well.

The application will naturally expel EXIF information from the picture.

imageoptim macintosh ImageOptim gives you a chance to expel exif information from different pictures on the double on macOS

For more noteworthy control over this procedure, tap the Gear symbol and experience the alternatives. These let you choose whether you need to diminish document measure a great deal at the cost of picture quality or in the event that you basically need to expel metadata without losing picture quality.

Step by step instructions to see and alter EXIF Data including area on iPhone and iPad

On iOS shockingly enough you can’t see much as far as EXIF information by means of the Photos application. For granular control on review and expelling EXIF information on photographs from iPhone and iPad, you have to download a free application, for example, Metadata Remover or Photo Investigator (both free with in-application buys). These applications let you alter and expel the EXIF information from photographs, however altering EXIF information will expect you to pay Rs. 249 to open the application’s top notch highlights. In Photo Investigator, take after these means:

Tap the exhibition symbol on the base left.

Select the photo you need to alter EXIF information for.

To see EXIF information, you can tap the different symbols underneath the picture.

To alter or expel EXIF information (after you pay for the application), tap Metadata.

Presently select Remove or Edit.

photograph examiner ios Photo Investigator gives you a chance to evacuate picture metadata on iPhone and iPad

You can accomplish comparative outcomes from whatever other applications that offer this component as well, we coincidentally used these two and discovered them to work.

On the off chance that you are protection cognizant, you should need to incapacitate adding area information to your photographs. Know that impairing geotagging of photographs will result in the “Spots” collection being unfilled and we’ve discovered that collection as a decent method to scan for old photographs. Here’s the way to handicap geotagging on iPhone and iPad.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Camera.

Tap Never.

We couldn’t discover any applications that dependably evacuate EXIF information in mass on Android and iOS. Do you utilize any applications to mass expel EXIF information on cell phones? Which applications do you use to see, alter, and expel EXIF information from your photographs?


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