Dravid not on electoral rolls in Bengaluru: Official

Previous Indian cricket chief Rahul Dravid won’t probably cast a ballot here in the April 18 Lok Sabha races as his name isn’t in the appointive roll, an authority said on Sunday.

“Dravid did not enlist his name in the voters’ rundown after he moved home to northern Bengaluru from his folks’ home in the eastern rural areas till March 16, which was the last date for selecting,” Bengaluru metro enterprise official on surveying obligation L. Suresh told IANS here.

Incidentally, the notable cricketer was the Election Commission’s represetative for charming the electorate in the May 2018 Karnataka gathering decisions and figured in its special crusade advertisements.

Dravid’s name was erased from the past voting public (Bangalore Central) after his sibling advised city authorities that he moved toward the northern suburb, which is under Bangalore North, after the gathering races.

“As Dravid was out of city and voyaging abroad for long, he didn’t have any significant bearing on Form 6 preceding the draft of the voters’ rundown was set up by January 1, 2019 and by March 16, when the last rundown was distributed,” Suresh said.

A Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) official said Dravid was right now in Spain.

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